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The idea is to create a web alternative to the 1-800-DENTIST service. The web site will incorporate the latest web technology, ease of use and user-friendly interface. Most importantly, the web site will utilize the revolutionary product of Velis Intelligence Systems, Inc. – Velissa. Velissa is the latest development of the company. It is the only working Artificial Intelligence solution in the market today. It is proposed to call the cyber host of the web site “Dentissa” and use the same domain name for the web site. In other words the web site will reside at www.dentissa.com.

Dentissa will communicate with the site visitors in natural language.
The preliminary design of the portal's home page can be viewed here.

The functions of the web site will be to serve the population in:

Finding a dentist in their neighborhood.
This will be achieved through Dentissa’s flexible and user-friendly capabilities. The user will be able to search by standard search parameters: distance from home, dentist’s spoken language, gender, specialty, education, etc. Another search parameter available to the users will be the dentist’s available appointment times. So the user can, for example, request the list of dentists who are within a range of 20 miles from his/her home and who have an available appointment time for tomorrow at 3 pm.

In addition the user will be able to search for dentists by non-standard criteria. The web site will allow dentists to upload to the server text describing their methodology, including their particular solutions for special dental situations – any text that describes that dentist’s capabilities and what makes him/her different from other dentists. The dentists can use their monthly newsletters for this purpose. Dentissa will be able to search in those texts too. Just to demonstrate this unique capability, here are two examples of queries that could be placed by users:
1. “Please find me a dentist who has a special way of treating pain-sensitive people.”
2. “Can you find me a dentist who doesn’t use traditional methods of anesthesia?  I'm allergic to all that kind of stuff.”

Making an online appointment
US Hightech Systems and Velis Intelligence Systems is the only alliance that has interactive real-time online appointment software developed and working. This particular function will allow the user to request an appointment with a dentist and get an instant response on acceptance or decline from the dental office. The dentist’s front desk personnel will have all required information available on the site and will be able to make a decision on either accepting or declining the patient’s request for an appointment.

The site visitors will be able to do all this either by communicating with Dentissa directly or by the traditional web browsing method (clicking/typing).
It appears that usually the dentist’s front desk has to get answers to some questions from the patient prior to making an appointment. This will be undertaken by Dentissa too. The system will keep the profiles of the dentists. The site visitors will be able to search for a dentist by many parameters (languages spoken, experience, education, age, gender, etc.). Once a dentist is chosen the site visitor will be able to review that dentist’s schedule and request an appointment giving his/her preferred date and time. The system’s response will depend on the chosen dentist’s setup. The web site will be designed so that the participating dentists are able to choose whether to rely on automatic appointments via the web site (in this case the appointment will be made by the system right away and the dentist will be notified about it) or to decide on their own when and whom to receive (in this case the system will pass the request from the patient to the dentist’s office and wait for a response).

The participating dentists will be charged for the service. The amount will be significantly less than the amount charged by 1-800-DENTIST. The proposed participation fee is $600 per month per dentist.

Benefits for Dentists

The following is the list of benefits for the participating dentists:

○ Increased clientele with much lower overhead;
○ Accuracy in directing the patients to the right specialist (no losses on time spent with patients who have dental problems not covered by this dentist);
○ Savings on time spent by the front desk on phone calls;
○ Decreased cost of referrals (this service will cost less than 1-800-DENTIST);
○ Automated appointment reminder;
○ Pre-determination of coverage;
○ Verification of eligibility;
○ Verification of claims status.

Benefits for Patients

The following is the list of benefits for the patients:

○ Ease in finding a dentist;
○ Increased number of parameters to find the right dentist. As a result – a higher rate of satisfied patients ;
○ Ability to review the profile of each dentist and then make a decision;
○ No need to make phone calls;
○ Ability to place a request for appointment with more than one dentist at a time and choose one dentist from the list of dentists who have accepted the appointment request;
○ Ability to make an appointment in a relaxed atmosphere – no need to answer questions on the phone right away (which is easier for people psychologically).


Dentissa will use a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence solution. She will understand each and every sentence connected with searching for dentists and making appointments with them. If the site visitor makes a statement which is not connected with the primary function of the web site Dentissa will politely say that this statement or question is beyond her functions.

Dentissa will ask all the questions required by a dentist prior to making an appointment. Answers to these questions will be passed to the chosen dentist’s office along with the request for an appointment.

Dentissa will also be able to answer general questions from the site visitors (any answer that is stipulated on the site’s Frequently Asked Questions page).

The site will use a text-to-speech technology. If the site visitor has sound support on his/her computer he/she will also be able to hear what Dentissa says. The site will also use speech-to-text technology - those users who have microphones attached to their computers will not have to type their requests; they will simply be able to talk. A special module will transfer the speech to text, which then will be passed over to Dentissa for processing and response.

Portal Promotion (among the population)

Dentissa will be promoted aggressively among the population. A marketing campaign will be developed for this purpose.

The promotion will be conducted using the following media:

○ TV commercials
○ Radio commercials
○ Internet Marketing (banners on popular web sites and search engines)
○ Print ads (magazines, newspapers).

The marketing campaign will be prepared and conducted by experienced marketing companies. A separate marketing company may be hired for each media (depending on the specialization of the candidate companies).

There will be another use for Dentissa - that is the promotional function. A sales version of Dentissa will also be created whose function will be to acquire new users. Banners will have Dentissa’s animated image and the text will offer a conversation online. Once the recipient clicks on it, he/she will be directed to Dentissa’s web site where Dentissa will tell about this new service, answer questions, explaining that it will be free of charge for patients, and encourage the visitor to use the service. The same module can be used later for signing up dentists.


The income will be generated from the fees of the participating dentists. It is proposed to conduct Dentissa’s business development in the following order:

1. Create the web site and make sure all the features are functional;
2. Create the database of dentists for Southern California. The web site will allow online registration of dentists. The dentists will be notified about the service via ads in specialized magazines and through brochures sent by mail. They will be offered the service free of charge for a certain period of time with no obligation to pay later. Each dentist will enter his/her profile on the web site and have the option to maintain it.
3. Promote the service throughout Southern California and provide the referral service to dentists for free for a certain period of time until they start getting a substantial flow of customers through Dentissa. This will allow them to see that first, they get more customers, and second,  the online appointments system brings in all the benefits listed above;
4. Start charging dentists a fee for the service and delete from the database those dentists who decide not to continue (this needs to be discussed);
5. Implement the same business schema for Northern California, then nationwide and then include Canada.

The Suggested Business Model (team members, functions, shares)

US Hightech Systems and Velis Intelligence System propose to create a joint venture where USHTS and VIS would have 45% of equity and 55% would be divided among the following participants:

1. Privileged Participants – Individuals or companies who invest the seed money. These parties will receive more equity for each invested dollar than the Common Participants. Privileged Participants will over ten times more equity against invested dollar compared with Common Participants.
2. Common Participants – Individuals or companies who invest in the 2nd stage. The investment from these participants will be mainly used for the promotion of Dentissa.
3. Special Participants – Individuals or companies who invest through their skills, knowledge, connections, etc. (no financial investment).
It is expected that the venture will have 10,000,000 shares. The following table shows the proposed ownership schema of these shares:

Participant                   Number of Shares   Percentage
USHTS and VIS                  4,500,000               45
Privileged Participants       1,500,000               15
Common Participants         3,500,000               35
Special Participants               500,000                 5

The Privileged Participants will pay $200,000 for 15% of the shares. That makes the price of one percent $13,333. In the second stage the price of each percent will, of course, depend on the total amount of investment needed (which will be defined by the Business Plan). For example, if the required amount is $5,000,000, then the price of each percent for Common Participants will be ~$143,000. In this case the Privileged Participants will have paid over ten times less for each percent than the Common Participants (or for the same amount would have got ten times more equity).

Project Budget

The total Project Budget estimate will be given when the Business Plan is developed. Nevertheless, it is clear that the main budget lines will be:

Technical Tasks
○ Web site development;
○ Tuning of Velissa for Dental issues (creation of Dentissa);
○ User support;
○ Web site maintenance;
○ Web hosting.

○ Internet Marketing (banners, search engines, links, etc.);
○ Radio Marketing (ads and broadcasting);
○ TV (ads and broadcasting);
○ Print ads (magazines, newspapers).

The Required Seed Money

The following table shows the tasks that should be completed prior to requesting investment for implementation of Dentissa, and the associated costs:

Task                                                                              Amount Needed
Preparation of the Business Plan                                         $35,000
Tuning of Vellissa for the functionality of Dentissa              $55,000
Development of the web site (the main
framework only – excluding connections
with insurance companies)                                                   $65,000
Legal Expenses                                                                    $35,000
Miscellaneous (renting conference rooms,
projectors, preparation of brochures and
other printed materials, etc.)                                               $10,000
Total                                                                                $200,000

The Anticipated Return from California Only

The following table shows three scenarios: best case, most likely case and worst case. For each case the table shows the percentage of the market that will be acquired, the number of participating dentists and the monthly and annual gross income.

Scenario                   Acquired    Number of     Monthly Gross       Annual Gross
                                   Market        Dentists             Income                   Income
Best Case                     30%             8,100          $4,860,000            $58,320,000
Most Likely                    25%             6,750          $4,050,000            $48,600,000
Worst Case                  10%             2,700          $1,620,000            $19,440,000

Internet Marketing Strategy

The proposed Internet marketing methods are: search engines and placing banners.

According to the estimates by Overture.com (statistics for keyword “dentist”), the cost of acquiring 20 site visitors through search engines who will actually make an appointment with one of the dentists is $1,000.

This means that acquiring 8,100 patients through search engines (just one for each participating dentist in the best case scenario) will cost $405,000.

The cost of acquiring users through placing banners is much lower. According to a representative of Digitronic Web, a company that does web hosting and Internet marketing, the cost of acquiring 150 patients who will actually make appointments with the participating dentists will be $3,000.

This means that acquiring 8,100 patients through placing banners will cost $162,000.

The web sites where the banners should be placed will be selected carefully. Some of the selection criteria should be: high number of visitors, health related fields of activities, etc.


We would like to extend our gratitude toward the work that Elite Web has done for our company. The web site and the Content Management Tool they have developed are extraordinary. This is a great web site. The design is original and the site has its character and reflects well our company's nature. I will keep recommending Elite Web to our friends, clients and sub-contractors.

We are thrilled with Elite Web's professional and timely ability to create an e-commerce website for us, which is not only engaging and esthetically beautiful to explore, but also very functional, practical and quite simple to maintain. Since the site went up we have received numereous encouraging compliments and most importantly: dramatically increased sales. Many thanks!