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Elite Web Announces Launch of eFashionSeller - a Web Application for Apparel Producers
eFashionSeller is an e-commerce solution designed specifically for apparel producers. The targeted market is very specific - even apparel distributors will not ...
Elite Web develops a web application for Money Trasfer Agencies
Elite Web has finished development of a web based system for managing money trasfer business. Please click

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It is our goal to provide the best possible service. We are here to create web solutions that would help you win the competition. We are proud to offer hassle-free, customized and cost effective solutions catering to all types of organizations.

Our main line of activities includes the development of all kinds of Internet applications. Whether you need an appealing Internet presence for your company with an easy-to-use Content Management tool, or an application that would automate your corporate day-to-day activities, or a tool that would allow your customers to access their data online - we are here to help.

We develop software applications under both Windows and UNIX platforms.

Most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction. We utilize the fairest pricing method - project based pricing. Although we do have an hourly rate - we use it only to calculate the total project amount. Our satisfaction guarantee policy is that for the contracted project-based amount we will work as long as needed to reach your full satisfaction.

How can we do this? Well, because our designers and engineers are truly highly qualified, normally our clients are well satisfied with the first version of the site or web application. So, even if it takes more than one version to satisfy you, we’re all still ahead.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your web needs. We know you will be glad you hired us. Moreover, you will be willing to tell your friends and associates about us – all our clients do.

We would like to extend our gratitude toward the work that Elite Web has done for our company. The web site and the Content Management Tool they have developed are extraordinary. This is a great web site. The design is original and the site has its character and reflects well our company's nature. I will keep recommending Elite Web to our friends, clients and sub-contractors.

We are thrilled with Elite Web's professional and timely ability to create an e-commerce website for us, which is not only engaging and esthetically beautiful to explore, but also very functional, practical and quite simple to maintain. Since the site went up we have received numereous encouraging compliments and most importantly: dramatically increased sales. Many thanks!