Our proven website design process engages your audience and drives more opportunities to your door!

Effective Web Design grabs the attention of your audience and makes your website easy for them to use.

Your website needs to grab your audiences attention in mere seconds. This means that your well written content isn’t the first thing that people will notice; you need amazing visuals to grab your audiences attention. This means immersive images, visually stunning videos and graphics that command attention. Elite Web Co. delivers engaging visual elements as part of your web design. Of course, we utilize pictures, video and graphics; we also design in visual elements to encourage your audience to take specific actions such as filling out your contact form or calling your organization.

Immersive Images

Stunning Videos

Commanding Graphics



One of the first things we do with you is to identify your target audience(s). By identifying your target audiences we can design your website to be visually engaging for them. As an example, new brides to be looking for the latest bridal trends will have different design preferences and engagement points than will middle aged children looking to find a retirement home for their aging parents. Elite Web Co. understands that your web design needs to appeal to your audience in order to be effective. Website design is more than pretty pictures and catchy content. Website design is part art form and part science. Elite Web Co. also understands how your audience will view your website, and we use visual elements in your website design to help “steer” your audience to the areas of your website that we want them to visit, read, and respond to.

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