Websites and access by those with disabilities in 2020

Glen Ingram Web Site Accessibility SpecialistWith numerous states initiating web accessibility laws to various extents and with the the US Supreme Court refusing to hear the appeal from Domino’s, Q4 of 2019 was crazy with businesses being sued because their websites are not built properly to work for everyone. Websites have to work for a range fo people with disabilities including but not limited to people that are blind, deaf, blind and deaf, color blind, those with epilepsy, people who have motor skill issues and can not use a mouse, and people with cognitive issues. As you can see by this study done almost a year ago, less than 3% of websites are built to the appropriate standards! . Unfortunately, there are several people and companies out there trying to make a quick buck and sell solutions that do not work. Please be ware of quick fixes!! Our industry is changing! It may seem frustrating. However, these rules/laws are for the better. When you do the research and see the numbers of people that suffer from the various disabilities, you understand why this is so important. If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach out. There seems to be more misinformation that accurate. This has been a focus of ours for some time and will continue to be. Happy New Year!

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